Teacher Gifts

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and usually I’m lame and don’t do anything. Maybe one of the kids have drawn a picture in the past, lame. Usually I’m just so thankful that all children get to school on time, have snacks and lunches packed, water bottles full, and homework complete, I don’t have any other brain cells to think up cute presents.

But this year I decided to do my salt scrubs since they have all female teachers and I think it would be appreciated by all of them. To make it more teacher appropriate I used some fabric I had on hand with little alphabet and math equations. I did smaller name tags this time and then Sawyer decided to throw in something extra for his teacher. He typed up this little story and then somehow figured out how to add a photo of himself from Aperture onto Pages. I have no clue how he did it, he printed it up and voila.

Here’s how his story went:

My Spring Break

On the last day of my Spring Break two of my teeth fell out. My big teeth are already growing in! Now I feel like I have gum in my mouth. Now  It also feels hard to say words like the and they. I can say tongue twisters like this:

                Sally sat on a sofa.

    the end