house project- window boxes

This summer it will be 6 years since we moved back into our home, to a finished, remodeled, beautiful home. It’s hard to think that Sawyer was just one years old when we finished. And that is exactly how long it has taken to complete our window boxes.

Honestly, it was way down on the list of things to finish. First we had to actually furnish the house, which just this year has been completed. We slowly took our time with pieces and made sure we love everything that moved into each room. We have one more bed to complete in the boys room, but other than that, we are happy with everything on the inside. Then the backyard took precedence over those window boxes. I mean that’s where our kids were going to spend their time. And then my work studio took precedence 2 years ago, getting it ready for me to quit the spa and go out on my own. THEN, the garden has taken precedence as well. And planting isn’t necessarily the cheapest thing either. The planters themselves were a pretty penny. I checked online before I went to our local garden store just to make sure I knew what the price should be. Our shelf is deceivingly LARGE, like almost FIVE feet long type of large. I couldn’t put your regular skinny window box there. Instead I chose these beautiful wooden planters that were $74 a piece. The lavender was about $7 each plant, times 8. Plus soil, 3 large bags at $9 a piece. Grand total, you do the math. :)

So here we are, End of May 2011 and I am thrilled to say our window boxes have been completed.

Here’s an older photo of the front of our house, with those empty sad shelfs below our living room windows. They are just screaming for happy plants.

Here they are after.

I planted two different types of lavender and hopefully by the end of summer they will be a little more filled in. I know the photo below looks a little off center, but they are not, it’s just I was kind of standing to the side.