Foster the People

At the moment this family is obsessed with this song. I love to hear Greta sing it because instead of saying kicks, she believes they say kiss. Listen to it all the way through, wait for the chorus and you’ll know why we love it. Very catchy. Very fun.

This weekend was way too quick. Beautiful weather. I got a lot of gardening done, planted some seeds to replace some lettuce plants that have bolted. New vocabulary word for me. It means that they got too much sun. My spinach is flowering so I’m going to wait and see if it will reseed itself. Yesterday we were going to have people over but then my dad called and moved it up to my parents house so the kiddies could swim. And that they did. For hours and hours and hours. They are fish and I feel like summer is coming a little early with the weather we have been having.

I made my 30 hour goal for April, in fact I made 31 hours! Just for good measure in case I added my hours wrong. This morning is going to be spent working on inventory for the spa, and one final teacher conference. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like with all 3 of the kids at the same school next year where conferences all fall on the same week. Fortunately Gunnar’s math and language arts teacher moved hers to this week so we can catch up from conference week last week. So far the boys’ conferences have been awesome. Their assessments are all 100% and they are solid 4 students. 4 in elementary school is basically an A. No complaints, but we’ll see what Gunnar’s last teacher has to say today. He warned me that he has been a little chatty in school. What’s new. Sawyer has matured a ton this year and he’s known among his classmates as the exemplar reader. Whenever they are learning about pausing or intonation or reading with feeling they turn to Sawyer to do a sample reading to show them how it should sound. So proud of that boy.

Gunnar has his trumpet recital tomorrow night. I can tell he’s a little nervous because for the first time he will be playing a few songs with the advanced students. This is only his second year and the advanced kids are all in 5th grade, so he feels a little pressure. But I know the excitement will definitely outweigh the jitters.

Hope you all are enjoying the sun and had a good weekend!