signing off

Just in case you were under the impression that my life is full of freshly baked bread, kite flying, and fresh fruit picking, you are mistaken. And just to clarify I’ll give you a peak into my day yesterday.

All I had planned for this Wednesday was breakfast with a friend, washing my hair, and volunteering in Gunnar’s class where all I had to do was show up and help the parent doing all the major lesson plans. Breakfast did happen. But along with breakfast came an idiot driving a black Audi who sideswiped my parked car and then took off! My friend had just parked and watched this woman hit my car and then panic and then take off! She called me as I was in the cafe waiting to tell me what had just happened. There was no sense me running out there so we had a lovely breakfast and then I went to survey the damage afterwards.

Just paint and side bumper damage, but still. Who takes off! This lovely chain of events basically took over my whole day. I had to spend the entire afternoon at the police station waiting for them to take a hit and run report just in case I decided to go through my car insurance to fix it. Apparently since it happened in Santa Monica and I live in West LA I had to be there in person for the report.

SO. I didn’t show up for volunteering. I didn’t wash my hair. AND I have a scratched up car. I had worked late Monday and Tuesday evening, so it was Aaron’s turn to work late Wednesday which means I finally turned on the shower at 9:30 last night. Oh, and I washed my hair. I washed it twice. Just because I could.

And there you have the sucky parts as well as the good stuff. Just to make sure you know I’m normal and have normal sucky things happen to me.

However, I will be signing off now until next week. Aaron and I have an adult only weekend planned with another couple. Forecast: 90 degrees. Books: Packed. ID: Packed. Bikini: Packed. See you all next week after we enjoy some “us” time!