Recital Time

It was that time of year again. A few weeks ago was Gunnar’s 2nd trumpet recital. I am so proud of that boy and how dedicated he is to his music. I am also looking forward to what instrument Sawyer will go with in the fall. He had guitar lessons a year ago, and this year he passed on the first grade choices of instruments. Recorder or violin. Yeah, no. They learn to play the recorder in third grade and we aren’t a big violin loving family, so I was fine when he decided to pass until 2nd grade where he will have his choice of a dozen instruments. AND it saved me $400 in lessons PLUS the cost of the instrument which isn’t cheap.

Gunnar played with his intermediate class this time, he being the youngest of the group, and he even played a few songs with the orchestra. I’m so glad Gunnar decided to go with the trumpet and he was certain he would stick with this choice because by the time he gets to 5th grade he will be in the advanced group and in the honor orchestra. And that all looks really good on his middle school admission papers. ;)

Proud mama and daddy

My family wouldn’t miss this for the world.