weekending, thank goodness for monday

You know you had a busy weekending when you are looking forward to Monday morning and the post office errand you have to make where you are shipping out 20 packages. Yeah, that’s how busy the weekend was.

We had dinner plans Friday evening, and then Saturday we had the boys’ International Festival at their elementary school. I volunteered in the morning and then we were there all day. Eating, playing games, doing crafts, getting things done like hair spray dyes, temporary tattoos, jumping in bounce houses and catapulting down inflatable slides, playing in bubble pools and throwing footballs and basketballs, it was a long day. Followed by an entire day at Disneyland on Sunday. I. Am. Beat.

I even felt like those irresponsible moms who don’t pay attention to their kids bedtimes. AND it’s standardized testing week SO Gunnar really needed to be well rested for Monday morning. So irresponsible. However I do realize that our late bedtime is normal for other families, but tucking my kids in bed at 9pm seemed horrible on a school night. But I can’t say they didn’t enjoy themselves. Who wouldn’t with their Nanni tagging along and indulging them at every Disney shop to browse. In fact as we were heading to the main store at Downtown Disney I mentioned they could browse and Gunnar clarified, “Mom, we will be browsing AND checking out.” To top it off they enjoyed dessert on the way home while watching Pirates of the Caribbean, all three of them quietly chomping on their own caramel apple. It just worked out that we ended up meeting up with a bunch of friends and family there, all in shifts. The kids loved being with their friends and Sawyer is officially a big kid ride fan. He had been before but wasn’t so thrilled, this time you couldn’t keep him off Indiana Jones or Thunder Mountain. It has been over a year and a half since our last Disneyland trip and we no longer have season passes. Boo you Disney for raising your prices. Get this, for us to renew our annual passes, and get the lower level ones that we normally get would cost this family of five $1200. Yeah no. Especially since the kids are in school everyday now and it’s not so easy to pull them out to miss school. Maybe when Romeo is a little older we can enjoy passes and make it worthwhile again. But instead we did a one park one hopper day pass and enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you Nanni. It was indeed an indulgent weekend but every now and then it feels good. The tired good where you don’t think your legs can go another step.

We also finished reading Maniac Magee to the kids and they loved it. I definitely would recommend it if you have older kids. In fact, in Gunnar’s language arts class they were going over a new literature list for their groups and one of the books on there was Maniac Magee. Gunnar felt pretty good being able to check off that book that he had read it. We are on to a new one that I just figured out how to load from the library onto my Nook. Yes, the Nook reader lets you download free library books. Take that Kindle!

Hoping you had a fun and more restful weekend than I did. Now to tackle some laundry and attempt to label these ebay packages of Greta’s outgrown clothes that need to be shipped off tomorrow.