Congregation Party & Talent Show

I was about to post more photos from spring break and then I loaded an older memory card and found all the photos from our congregation party and talent show from a few weeks back. I can’t believe I forgot to load them! It was so much fun, and I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

There were wonderful details everywhere. Every table was set with beautiful flower arrangements.

They had a bubble machine going that the kids were crazy about and then they had individual bubbles for the kids to use outside.

One of the really sweet touches is seen in the photo above. They laid out a box for each brother on the servant body and had little papers and pens on a table when you walked in. It was everyone’s chance to write a little something sweet. We haven’t gotten Aaron’s box yet but I can’t wait for him to read what’s inside. He is a very modest and humble person and he is very appreciated and loved in our congregation. I can’t wait for him to realize that and read what everyone had to say.

Then came dinner which was a delicious feast of Mexican food, followed by a slide show and then the Talent Show portion of the night. Here’s Gunnar playing the trumpet.

There were skits and bands who played and delicious dessert. And Bob Eubanks(below) hosting the Oldieweds game, which closed out the night.

And my parents, Couple # 1, who came in second place. Losing only to the longest married couple. They were such good sports. It was hilarious. Imagine couples being married over 30-35 years and the husbands being asked “What shampoo does your wife use?” Or the wives who were asked “How many girls would your husband say he dated before you?” Yeah, there were some pretty hilarious answers.