Gardening with Peter

My friend Peter was so generous with his time and resources and came to Greta's school to have a gardening lesson and get their window boxes planted. You never know what you will get with 3.5-5.5 year olds, but they were ecstatic. I was so mad I forgot my camera at home. So all I have are my iphone photos. But the school photographer was there this day and he documented it well so I can't wait to see it in our yearbook, school blog, and video. As soon as he came in with the wheel barrow, Peter had everyone's attention.

We started out talking with the kids about the three things every plant needs and they knew every one. Soil. Water. Sunlight. Then we had the kids guess what type of plants we were going to plant with them. We heard guesses anywhere from apples and pears, basil, lettuce, flowers, tomatoes, you name it. We broke the kids up into 2 groups, I took one, Peter took one. And we got to work. Then we swapped groups so everyone had a turn with the planting.

My group was in charge of making labeling sticks for the plants. We were planting 4 different types of mint. Chocolate Mint, Peppermint, Spearmint, and just plain Mint. The kids had a blast trying to distinguish one plant from the other and were great about their sticks matching the plants. I also checked out some books from the library and we searched through the books and talked about how often we should water the mint and then we talked all about Greta's garden at home. Then we swapped and my group got to go garden with Peter. Here's some iphone photos from the lesson.

And the finished window boxes outside the writing house. You can see all the labels(tongue depressors) sticking out of the planters.