Homemade Lavender Salt Scrub

When it comes to how adored Greta is, she is not lacking in that department. It doesn't hurt that she is the only little girl in our congregation. The women dote on her and rarely is there a meeting where she sits with me. There is also rarely a meeting where she isn't given a present of some sort. Whether it's a new Hello Kitty coloring book, some piece of jewelry, or other girly thing. Some even have little book bags packed with things for her just so when she sits with them she gets to do little activities. Whether it's applying Stephanie's cuticle oil, using Tine's color wonder markers, applying lipstick from Celina's makeup bag put together just for Greta, there is not a lack of love let me tell you. So we decided it was time we make all of these special people a little something special to show them just how much Greta appreciates it.

I have had this project bookmarked since last December and when I was roaming the aisles of Target I finally remembered to pick up the ingredients I needed.

The grapeseed oil we already had from Trader Joe's. It's pretty much the only oil I cook with now, a little olive oil occasionally, but almost always grapeseed oil. The salts I bought at Target along with the little jars. I have never seen them that size, so when I spotted them I snatched them up. The essential oil I also had on hand. I have a lot of oils because of my work, and decided my favorite scent is lavender so this first batch would be lavender scented. Mmmmmmmm

You will want to buy coarse sea salt as well as fine sea salt. I used a 1 to 1 to 1 ratio. Using 1 cup of each type of salt and 1 cup of oil, then dropped in about a dozen to 20 drops of the essential oil. Mixed together.

We poured them in the jars. Used a little fabric I had in my stash to decorate.

Greta decorated little homemade name tags and we attached them with string. And voila! You honestly cannot get a more simple and easy and wonderful smelling little homemade gift better than this. So if you are going to see Greta Thursday night please act surprised when she gives you her present! These would be great for end of year teacher presents (which is what I will be doing the next batch for), little party favors, etc. Let me know if you decide to make these on your own. I think I may try eucalyptus next. Right before I published this post I had a cute idea if you are growing fresh lavender like we are in our backyard. Cut a little sprig of it and slip it in with the string.