Gunnar's Open House

I was so proud of my boys at their Open House the other week, and they were so proud themselves. I can see it in how excited they are to walk us from place to place and check out their art projects and show us everything they have been working on all year. Introduce us to their friends (as if I don't know all of them already) and show me where they sit (as if they have changed their seats). I'll start with Gunnar's classes first. That boy makes my heart swell. Teacher after teacher tell me what a leader he is in the class and how all the kids look up to him. They emphasize his amazing public speaking skills and commend him on his big heart for other kids. For instance, there was an assembly a few months ago and they needed a third grade boy to do a speech, I finally was sent a thread of emails where parents had been emailing back and forth and all their sons had said the same thing, ask Gunnar. He has worked really hard in his language arts and math class this year. His teacher is amazing and challenges them in ways I could never. I will be very sad when he moves on from her class because I feel like he is a sponge in there soaking up all this information.

First stop was in the main building to look at his class art project for the art show. The day before I spent the morning hanging all their pieces up on bulletin boards. Here's Gunnar's emoticon. The theme was 'text', so each lesson had to incorporate some form of newsprint, written language, text, etc. So he was given just the line and the circle and he had to create a character from those two marks.

For Gunnar's last book report he had to do a biography. He and 3 other friends decided to each take a Beatle and present as a group. Gunnar insisted on being Ringo Starr.

Here's the Fab 4 the morning of their presentation. :)

This last one is from an art lesson I did with the kids. They had to choose an emotion and then decide whether to use warm or cool colors and then create an abstract image of that feeling. Next up Sawyer.