Annual Strawberry Picking Adventure

I love our annual tradition of visiting Tanaka Farms during strawberry season. The kids love it there and I cannot recommend it enough. To kick off spring break I organized for 35 of us to do the tour and strawberry picking last Monday. It was a cool day and not too hot at all. You can see last year’s visit


and the year before that


. My how our kids have grown! I keep meaning to get down there for watermelons in the summer, but I think we will save summer farm trips for Underwood. Here’s some snippets of this year’s trip. Auntie Rachel and Uncle Dave were in town this time and I think they secretly loved it, and my cousin Connor drove down for it too. It was perfect, everyone had a kid assigned to them and I could actually pick strawberries and eat them!

My kids chow down on the tractor tour. They gobble up everything, onions roots and all, bok choy, broccoli, carrots, snap peas. . .

They are so grown now that they don’t even sit by me on the tractor ride! They like to sit with their friends although Soso was kind enough to sit across from me.

If you’d like to plan a trip down to Irvine to Tanaka Farms, you can go during the week if you have a group of at least 10 children, and then they have discounted group rates. Also, you MUST stop by their little fresh produce stand and purchase their homemade ROASTED salsa, you will be thanking me. Seriously. The best salsa I have ever tasted. I was cooking for Monday night family dinner this evening, and a whole container was gone in 25 minutes. Next time I am buying several containers and stocking up.