Greta’s Picture Day

Picture day kills me. My kids end up smiling all strange and then I have to pay $20 for the smallest package to get these cheesy looking photos back. Greta was extremely excited to pick out her outfit for picture day. Very different than the boys’ picture day experiences. They really could care less what t-shirt they are wearing the day of picture day. She had everything laid out the night before. And the morning of she explained in detail to me just how her pigtails needed to look. I am hoping her last year of preschool photos turn out cute. They had a really nice company do the photos and the photographer was meticulous about taking lots of poses until he was happy with the outcome. He did not like fake smiles and so however long it took the 3-5 year olds he was willing to wait. But I snapped this one before we left that morning just in case I get cheesy back.