spring breaking

I was really really really looking forward to this spring break. I just needed the time with my kids. No alarm clocks, no snacks to pack, just us and time. We did a lot too. Photos will follow soon. Auntie Rachel and Uncle Dave came out to visit and we spent 3 days with them. We managed to pack a lot in those 3 days. Strawberry picking at Tanaka Farms, a trip to the batting cages, a day at the beach filled with kite flying, a trip to Yogurtland and Greta was in her glory painting and repainting Auntie Rachel’s nails and toes over and over again. We also managed to fit in facials for them and lots of time talking and playing.

Once we had to say goodbye to them on Wednesday, we were bummed. Happy we still had a few days left to enjoy spring break, but sad they didn’t stay longer. We had Sawyer’s buddy Ethan spend the night. We had plans to visit the zoo, but those fell through and being that Obama was coming to town, I was relieved to not have to worry about battling traffic for hours to get home. Instead we made a trip to the library and rented Hotel for Dogs. We went to the park, Barnes and Noble and stocked up on Legos. A truly great spring break if you ask me.

This weekend was full of things. Work for me, baby shower, congregation talent show. Gunnar decided he wanted to play the trumpet and the two little ones(I realize I shouldn’t be calling my almost 5 and 7 year old “little ones” but I can’t help it) decided to bust out their breakdancing moves. Last second Sawyer and Greta chickened out, in Sawyer’s words “I didn’t know there would be a HUMONGOUS crowd here!” There was a slide show, music, hilarious skits, and the most comedic spinoff of the Newlyweds game, aptly retitled Oldieweds. They took our three longest married couples and my parents were one couple. I added up the totals and there was over 100 years of marriage between the 3 pairs. I cannot begin to describe how much we laughed. My cheeks hurt a bit now. I took some photos but haven’t loaded them yet, there’s a chance they may all be blurry from laughing so hard and trying to take photos at the same time.

I also put some volunteer time in, and with 6 days to go, I have 5.5 hours left to make my 30 hour goal. Crossing my fingers that my goal will be met by Saturday.

To put a smile on your face, here’s a little video of my nephew. He’s delicious and such a blessing to my sister and brother in law. This past week has been heartbreaking for my sister and her husband as my brother in law’s father passed away. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.