happy anniversary... to me

This showed up in my house a few days ago and I cannot wait to test it out! Our anniversary isn't for another month, but if my mom has the present, she can't help but give it. Even early. It is one of the things I really really really REALLY wanted this year. I am planning on making fresh bread as often as we need it. I just have to figure out where the best place to get healthy ingredients is, and which recipes to try out.

We lost the sun here in Los Angeles. It was 90 degrees yesterday and gorgeous, today it's in the 60s and overcast. Hoping some sun peeks through for our barbecue. We have had a fun full week of school gardening (post to follow), art lesson (little post to come as well), kids saw Rango, had a nice day off yesterday with the kids home from school, I started a new book, we got scouted for a Home Depot commercial (not going to hold my breath we get it, but it sure would be nice), hoping to catch a movie tomorrow night along with a morning of work, and started the month off strong with volunteer hours. I committed to 30 hours this month and have a good head start.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!