I couldn’t be more excited it is Friday if I dare tried. To say this has been a trying week would be an understatement. My hats are off to any of you single parents out there. Not sure how you do it. I was excited for Aaron to get to attend a week long course of in depth information that he has been looking forward to for 2 years. But not excited for myself to pick up the slack that that week would mean for me. But we made it, and I didn’t lose my mind, and only raised my voice maybe a half dozen times. Total. That’s huge.

I attempted to keep the kids out of the house the first 2 days as long as possible so that when Aaron got home from school he would be able to focus and study. The first two nights I didn’t even see him come out of the guesthouse except to give the kids a kiss goodnight. I never ever ever go to bed before him, but when that clock struck midnight and the guesthouse light was still on, I knew I better head to bed. Showering, dressing in presentable clothes, wearing makeup, all became luxuries not allowed for this mama this week. In fact, Tuesday I walked into my sister’s house and she commented that I looked like a new mom. I felt like one too. PJ sweat pants, hair in a pony, flip flops, that was my uniform this week. Dare I admit that Monday I didn’t even have time to wash my face in the morning! First time in years (unless I am sick with the flu or something terrible like that).

It wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t have to work like crazy this week. Aaron and I both have jobs where if we don’t work, we don’t get paid. So since he was taking off a week of work, I had to take every client that called. And I did. I managed to schedule them when either the kids were at school or after I put them to bed. And in between I had to keep up with the normal things like laundry, cleaning, gardening, cooking. It’s the little things that I really appreciate now. For instance, Monday morning. I walked to my car to take the kids to school and discover it had been egged. If I had the time, I may have cried. Normally that’s something I could call Aaron about and get direction on what to do. Like car wash now? Car wash tomorrow? You wash my car? Instead, I couldn’t even call him, so I just went about my crazy day until someone told me to immediately WASH YOUR CAR! Oops. Going to the car wash screwed up the rest of the day because of that ONE half hour that I had to wait for my car. It meant I didn’t pick up Greta on time before I got the boys, it meant that the book signing thing that I promised the boys would be a little more stressed since I didn’t have Greta and I needed to get her. Or Tuesday. It’s my “wash the boys sheets day”. Not big right. Well, it is when that 30 minute job of putting clean sheets on the boys’ beds pushes their bedtime back 30 minutes because there isn’t a free second during the day. Which means they get 30 minutes less sleep which means they will have to be woken up the following morning for school. That normally is something Aaron takes care of while I’m cleaning up from dinner on Tuesday nights. Those little things, I REALLY appreciate now after not having them.

Or even being able to just call him whenever I had a question or wanted to check in about something or nothing. I appreciate that now. He thoroughly enjoyed his time there and was just bursting with little tidbits of information to share. But wanting me to see the footnote of a particular word and then go over the translation with him at midnight was not happening. But I look forward to hearing more about it now that it’s OVER! Today we threw a party for Sawyer’s class, they enjoyed a spring themed party and it was so nice when Aaron walked in the door of the class. He had a half day class today, and I wanted to do a little happy dance upon seeing him.

So I will spend the crazy weekend we have planned just enjoying the fact that we can enjoy it together! And what’s a post without a photo. Still making bread almost every day over here, and loving it.