Anyone who knows me knows that my memory is not so good. Thus this blog is wonderful because I can record things and then 3 years later read them, and not remember it ever happened, and laugh all over again. One of the recent conversations happened with Greta. We were driving in the car just the two of us.

Greta: Mama. Do you cry?

Me: Sure I do.

Greta: When?

Me: Umm. Let’s see. . .

Greta: Oh! I know. You cry when you get a ticket.

Me: Thanks.

The other happened this weekend, I took the kids to see Diary of  Wimpy Kid and on the drive home I was at a stop light. There was a, I don’t know how to be politically correct about this, is it little person? midget? dwarf? walking on the crosswalk. The kids are really good when they see anything unusual to them. Especially Greta has finally learned not to point out someone in a wheel chair or with a cane, or with a mohawk, or with tattoos covering their face, or little people. So after we turned the corner and drove about a block, this is the conversation that ensued:

Greta: Mama. Did you see that little man?

Me: Yes I did.

Greta: Why is he little? Is he a kid or a man?

Sawyer: Yeah, what happened to him to make him shrink?

Me: Well, he didn’t shrink, he was born like that.

Sawyer: What do you mean?

Me: Well, we are all born with something wrong with us, sometimes lots of things, sometimes just a few things. But none of us are perfect, and one day he will be made perfect.

Greta: So one day we will all be tall?

Me: Well, maybe not all tall, but not so little that it doesn’t look right.

Sawyer: What’s wrong with me?

Me: You don’t see so perfect, so you need glasses.

Greta: And what’s wrong with me?

Me: Well you were born with a cyst in your neck, but that went away all by itself.

Gunnar: And what’s wrong with you mama?

Me: Well, I have this pointy ear.

Gunnar: And a pointy nose.

Me: Oh yeah, thanks Gunnar.

Sawyer: And what is wrong with Gunnar?

Me: He was born with a pointy ear too, just like me.

Greta: And what about daddy?

Me: He walks with his feet pointing in a little.

Greta: And his hair won’t grow.

Me: True.

Greta: And what about Tati?

Me: Hmmm, she was chubby.

Gunnar: And what about Nanni?

Me: I heard she was colic as a baby, and cried a whole lot.

Greta: AND she has lines.

Me: I guess she does now. (sorry mom)

So there we have an honest discussion of our flaws and at least my kids are very aware now that no one is absolutely perfect.