I couldn't make this up if I tried

I have meant to post this story for a few days/weeks now but honestly some days there are literally not enough hours in the day. I look at Aaron 3-5 nights a week at 11pm and I tell him I need more time, just a few more hours to accomplish everything. He usually agrees with me and we both finish folding the laundry and leave everything else for the next day, and head to bed.

Here's the story, it's pretty cool. Living in Los Angeles you encounter celebrities all the time. Even if I don't run into them at the grocery store, it's my client who has a daughter at the same preschool as the Affleck children, or my other client who attends school with Coco Arquette, waxing Greg Kinnear's back, giving Ted Danson a facial, or Greta's ballet class where I see Christian Bale often. Stuff like that is always happening. This time it happened to my mom. She went to Target one afternoon, which is quite random for her since she rarely goes to Target. She calls me on my cell and tells me she found a wallet in the shopping cart. Oh, and it's Adam Sandler's wallet. You see his studio is right around the corner from Target, on the Sony lot. I know this because Aaron has fixed the elevators on the Sony lot and saw Happy Madison Productions was there. See, stuff like this happens a lot.

I asked her what she did with it, because my first instinct would be to just drive over to Sony and drop the wallet off. She said she gave it to a Target employee. Oh no. You mean you gave a celebrity's wallet with hundreds of dollars in cash in it, an Amex, and several IDs to just a random Target employee? Um, yeah. Oops. So I got off the phone with her and called Sony directly. I told the receptionist what a random call this was but to please let Adam Sandler's office know that his wallet is still at Target. It took her about 2 minutes to ask me a few questions like where Target was located to be convinced I lived locally and wasn't some stalker from Virginia. Sorry Virginia people, no offense.

About an hour later I received a call from his personal assistant thanking me, she had just picked up the wallet and wanted to let met know how grateful Adam was. Yeah, Adam. First name basis people. She said he believed in karma. She also wanted to know how I knew to call Sony, so I told her the little sidepoint that my husband has worked there before. She then asked for my address and I assured her it was my mother who found the wallet, and I would pass it along how appreciative he was.

This is where it gets way too small world-ish. The next day my husband's co-worker who regularly works on the Sony lot was driving by one of the lunch benches on the lot, and saw Adam and one of his daughters eating lunch. He pulled over and asked if he got his wallet back. (Aaron had told him the story that morning) Adam laughed and said he did and to tell that mechanic's mother in law that she is an honest and great lady! That afternoon a vase of beautiful flowers was delivered via courier with this note attached. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Honestly. I already loved Adam Sandler before all this, and now I love him even more.

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