first musical

We planned it quite strategically to go see Beauty and the Beast on a day where my kids' had a half day of school. We pulled them out just a tad early and met my parents for lunch at long time eatery Musso & Frank. Then we headed to the Pantages for the show. My mom was on top of it when it came to seats. She made sure the kids were the first row of the balcony so no one was in their way. I also recommend grabbing the booster seats when you walk in to give the kids added height. When the lights went down the kids were silent, backs ram rod straight and eyes glued to the stage. The first half is about an hour and half long and by the last 15 minutes you can tell they were moving in their seats a little and repositioning their legs. Greta, in awe. She wouldn't take her eyes off Belle or the Beast. And the boys thought Gaston and his little friend were hilarious. It's a fantastic show. We saw quite a few 3 year olds in the audience. We thought we were pushing it with Greta who is almost 5, but once I looked around and saw how little some of the kids were, I knew we'd be fine. Tati was pretty bummed to miss this one, but pumping at intermission just wasn't the ideal thing to do. So we promise next time Romeo will be old enough to join us. If not, we'll get him a babysitter. :)

My dad took this one before the show, thus he isn't in it.

And after the show.