on the road

Yep, this is how we roll. Pee in bottles for the boys. And then Gunnar likes to take the bottle up to the car in front of us and try to convince the girls to drink it since it's "lemonade".

We thought we would get through without chains since the real storm had ended that morning, but the roads were still pretty bad and it was still snowing. And since we don't have 4 wheel drive we had to put the chains on our car only 5 minutes from the condo. But I have to say even with the chains, driving in that snow was a little scary and Aaron repeatedly asked if I was okay driving. Aaron wondered why we use chains here, he grew up in Minnesota and never put chains on his car. Then I had to remind him about how many times his car or his mom's car had to be pulled out of a ditch every winter. Also, we don't salt the roads here. You can see the line of cars putting chains on in front of us. It was mandatory.

Do you see the temperature in my rear view mirror? 8 degrees. That's fahrenheit people. 8 degrees.