Community Garden

We spent Saturday afternoon with our friends who have a few plots at the Community Garden in Van Nuys. My kids love to be outdoors. They love to garden. They love to pick fruit. And they love to eat what they pick. So this was a win win situation. Peter and Heather's lemon and tangerine tree were heavy with fruit so our army of children came to relieve him of his fruit. This definitely was a nice kick off to our own backyard gardening that we did the next day. My dream of our backyard planters and garden is finally becoming a reality. And after composting for almost a year we are so happy to see that rich dark soil ready to go. Here's some photos from our day at the community garden.

Our next lemonade stand will be made from fresh lemons!

Don't tell Nanni! The kids rode in the back of the pickup truck and they were beyond thrilled. These city kids. It cracks me up how exciting it is to go 5 mph down a single lane dirt road in the back of an open pickup.

This squirrel was mocking us the entire time. Eating his pumpkins, tangerines right in front of us.