Mammoth 2011

Here she is. Dare I say the new iMovie is awesome. So much easier and quicker to use than the last version. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I finally gave in to Aaron's requests for a new iMac. She's obnoxious she's so large. But she sure is fast. Thank you California State Tax Refund. I had fun making this video, and I am pretty sure you will be able to tell the kids apart. Greta is on skis, and our friends' kids Maddie and Mallory are on skis as well. Gunnar is the snowboarder who is with us on the slopes and Sawyer is the snowboarder in class learning to slow down and stop. We had a blast. Thankfully we have photos of Greta in ski school and us getting on the chair lift, thanks to Amanda for documenting. It's in chronological order pretty much. I'll post a few photos as well next week so I can explain some of them. But for now, Enjoy!