just another day being 4

Friday was pretty much heaven for Greta. She loves when I work at her school, she loves it even more when they have 'paint your own face' day at her school, and she loves it even more when she gets to take Oakland home for the weekend, and she loves it EVEN more than that when all that is followed by dance class. See for yourself. Photos courtesy of my iPhone.

Yes, she likes lots of color as you can tell from her tights. I rarely argue with her about her clothes unless it's completely inappropriate for the occasion or if I insist on her wearing warmer items due to weather. She cracks me up with what she puts together but I love her experimenting. She comments quite often on what I wear and almost daily I hear the phrase, "mama, can you go to that store and see if they make that in kid size?" We debated back and forth between two names for her, 1. Greta, and 2. Piper. She could've been named either, but looking back she could've totally pulled off the name Pippa as well. I can't wait until she reads Pippy Longstocking and see what her take is on her outfit choices.

And I'd like to report that we survived our crazy weekend of fun filled activities. We've had lots of houseguests rotating sleeping over, kid parties, basketball games, a renewed love for skateboarding by Gunnar, bike riding, more rain, book clubs, midnight snacks while catching up with old friends, a huge container of ladybugs that just got dispersed into our garden this evening,  lots of laundry, and lots of list making to get everything done tomorrow that was not accomplished this weekend.