friday, finally

Friday has finally arrived. Quite a week it has been. And the weekend will be busy indeed as well. Monday evening we visited with long time friends who lived in New York the same time as us. Since then they have lived in Mexico and Bolivia but are back in California. It's so great to catch up with people, especially when you can pick up where you left off. Work has been pretty quiet, which was good since most of my days have been spent at the kids' school. I was at the boys' school Tuesday morning and most of Wednesday. The kids' had their Open House Thursday night so I had to hang their class art work to be displayed for the Art Show. Open House was fantastic and I can't wait to share everything that makes me so proud of my boys. And today, Friday, was my workday at Greta's school. I will share pictures from the week sometime next week. We took the kids to see the musical Beauty and the Beast on Thursday afternoon with my parents. They loved it. It was my second time seeing it, and it's just as good as the first time. Today I took the boys to another book club meeting at the library, this time the books were Captain Underpants. They were happy to say the least. I was able to check out some books for a gardening lesson my friend Peter is helping me with next week for Greta's preschool, and an art lesson I am doing in both boys' classes.

We have some more friends from our past visiting tonight and tomorrow. Since we saw them last in New York they now have three kiddies just like us! My kids are thrilled to actually meet them since they have only chatted with them via Skype. And although there's a whole lot of land between Los Angeles and Alabama we are very kindred mama spirits.

Somewhere in there we managed to fit in a meeting over life insurance and money management. We are officially old, responsible people. We now are covered and can die. Just kidding, that sounds just awful! We still have to have our medical visit and blood tests, but barring they don't find any terminal illnesses, we should be just fine. Also throw in there some time with my nephew where he is so close to letting out a giggle for his Zia, I can hardly wait.

Tomorrow Greta is beyond thrilled to be attending a Fairytale Princess Tea Party. Although it's for Princes as well and Sawyer will be attending as her escort. I am just as excited to see Jane. :) Gunnar and Aaron are psyched, yeah, I just typed the word psyched, to be going to the Clippers game tomorrow night. We won the same suite as last year's from their school auction. Sunday will be rounded out by some facials for me all morning and maybe some rest that night. I can cross my fingers.

Happy weekending everyone! I am looking forward to Monday a tiny bit so I can breathe easy that this entire week has come to a close.