Has it really been 8 days since I was in this space? Oh my, how time flies. Are any of you still out there reading this little blog of mine? I hope to be present here again for the rest of this week. I have a lot of catching up to do. Last week was the most busy week I have had since I can remember. Here's a peek into my week: houseguests arrived Tuesday, I had one day of volunteering at Greta's preschool, one day of volunteering at the boys' school, 5 facials, 3 eyebrow waxes, 2 eyelash tints, 1 eyebrow tint, 2 lip waxes, one maternity photo shoot, one first grade book club meeting at the local library, three extra boys at my house one evening to figure out a 3rd grade biography project on the Beatles, normal cooking, laundry, cleaning, Greta's ballet class, packing and grocery shopping for our trip to Mammoth that had to be completed before we left Saturday morning. Trying to keep my head above water was insane. From the moment I woke up each day until 11 pm at night it was nonstop. And all I kept thinking was how much I wished I could be a proper host to our houseguests who were visiting from New York. Fortunately, they totally understood and were forewarned.

But alas, we are home. And other than the mountain of clean laundry I have to fold and put away, everything is good. I kept thinking I was going to get sick which often happens when I have a deadline to get through, once I hit it my body pretty much says, we're done, now I can be sick. But it didn't happen. We skied, we snowboarded, we ate, we drove, we played. We are exhausted.

Lots more photos and video coming but I have to sift through what I have and get the rest of it from Elliott and Amanda. All of Greta's ski school photos are on their camera since I was on the mountain while she was learning. And let me tell you, that girl can ski. Wait til you see what she could do after one day. And Sawyer learned how to stop on his snowboard. Hooray! And Gunnar, he's awesome. One more year or two and he will surpass Aaron. He rode on a rail this trip and did some jumps.

Until I can share all of that with you, here's a look at the snow on the way up. It was a white winter wonderland. They had just had a storm which ended the day we arrived. Talk about powder.