our little backyard garden

Finally, what I envisioned almost a year ago has happened! Hip hip hooray! Our compost is amazing, it's like soil gold if there ever was such a thing. We spent the weeks leading up to the planting sketching out our plans and doing research on what goes well together and what plants repel what and what shades what and so on and so on. This became my planting bible. We ended up with a plan and then went to work moving bushes and dirt and getting the soil ready. During this process I learned that I really don't care for shoveling dirt. I would go out there in the morning and shovel for about 15 minutes and that was it. Until the next day. But my slow progress finally finished the job and then Aaron finished it up by shoveling our compost in and then mixing it all together. Gunnar was quite the helper too. We decided to plant tomatoes in the ground this time and did two different varieties. I found out that planting tomatoes with marigolds, geraniums and lemon balm will help ward off the bugs and beetles that destroy the leaves and tomatoes. So that's what I did. I planted each tomato plant and then on each side planted all the other ones and then surrounded the back and front row with my little defenders too. Hopefully it works.

Here's Gunnar raking the soil, we found a ton of worms as we distributed the compost and Greta had a lot of fun finding new homes for each worm in the tomato bed.

Here's how it looks right after we positioned and planted. As the tomato plants grow we will put up either a trellis or a little circular thing that helps it grow upright.

Here is planter bed # 1. In here we planted sugar snap peas, romaine lettuce, heads of lettuce, oregano, basil, chives, and cilantro. Supposedly everything loves each other in this planter and will help deter beetles and bugs from one another. And the snap peas are supposed to provide some shade for the lettuce as well which is why it's in one of the middle rows. This planter is two feet deep but we dug out about 6 inches of rocks underneath so it's about 2 1/2 feet deep.

Here we have planter bed #2. Aaron really wanted to grow corn and I think that'll be fun for the kids. We also planted beans, but only had room for one plant so we will see if they survive. Corn and beans apparently grow great together. The rest of the rows are spinach with one chive plant. Our lettuce endeavors have done really well in the past so we decided to go heavy on the lettuce planting and we eat of a lot of salads, so I figure it would be the most advantageous. Lastly I planted red onions in a separate planter but forgot to take a photo of it. This planter is 3 feet deep and the corn is on the far left row. Beans in the back and spinach in the middle and right rows. Our strawberries are doing great and it looks like our blueberries will be exploding this season. Mint and rosemary are still going strong as well.

I'll keep you posted about our progress. So far week one has finished and everything is still looking great. The sugar snap peas already have a little wire trellis that Aaron put together. I am watering right now every other day and it seems to be just the right amount. I do check on them daily though and check on the soil dampness. I have to check on my strawberries daily since I am having a little battle with the slugs over my strawberries. So far Deborah:3 slugs:1. Happy spring gardening everyone! If you have any planters or gardens you want to plant, now is the time! Don't wait! We are expecting rain next weekend so this week would be great to do the planting. Look at me, sounding like I actually know what I'm doing. Psssshhhhhh!