We had such a well intended weekend plan to work on some house projects that kind of halted once the little bean was born. But who can blame me, if I have a free afternoon why wouldn't I hold him versus sanding the boys' beds? And it doesn't help that the boys really don't mind their mattresses being on the floor. But our plans fell through for more exciting events. There is always next weekend right?

Laughed so hard Saturday night that my abs kinda hurt today. Jane and family ended up having an impromptu visit which led to the juicing of buckets of lemons and tangerines which led to taco night with fresh tangerine juice that was delish which led to Wii Dance which led to hysterical laughter which led to some competitive dancing which led to some nasty sweating which led to parents sitting on the couch reading bedtime stories to children using awful accents all the while not realizing that the very late kids' bedtime of 10pm is actually 11pm due to Daylight Savings Time. oops. Some interesting things that were learned this evening, 1.09% is an important number you need to know when juicing 100 lemons and then freezing the juice. Matzoh does not mean matzoh-rella. Poor David, he had an awful childhood where he never knew a Jew until he met me! Next time we will be dining on matzo brei, it will be a cultural experience for him. Oh and I think I will have to take over the sex education of Alissa. Poor girl, she still thinks you order babies. :)

Have I mentioned that I hate Daylight Savings Time? I really am not a fan of it being light out when I put my kids to sleep. Plus I had major insomnia being made worse by my thoughts that we had daylight savings time so in fact it was even later and I really should be sleeping but my brain wouldn't turn off. And Sunday morning was kind of worthless since I finally fell asleep at 4:30am and then woke up and it was already 10am. Still tired since I only slept 5 hours, and the day was slow going for sure.

Good news is our garden we planted last weekend is doing well. Nothing dead yet! And we even picked a few strawberries this afternoon that were delicious. I will post photos this week of how everything looks.

I'm sure you noticed unless you're reading this on an RSS feed, but my blog got a tiny facelift. Nothing major, but at least I have a header photo that I can occasionally change with the seasons. I think this one is appropriate for springtime.