Not really sure why yesterday brought several hundred more than usual visitors to this blog, but welcome! There is usually a spike when I post a photo of little Romeo, but that didn't happen. And there weren't any unusual search terms that brought you here either. Just the normal, 'deborah justine blog', 'my life at playtime', 'my life at playtime blog', 'chocolate covered marshmallow' phrases. So I don't know. However, I do have some photos coming up of the little bean. Recent photos. Can you believe he is almost 7 weeks old?! And my children haven't infected him yet with some virus or cold?! Hooray! He is getting to know his cousins and even responds to their voices. He especially knows Greta and when he hears her talk he looks around until he can find her and then grins from ear to ear.

Had a girls night out tonight. Dinner and a movie. Adjustment Bureau. It was sweet. Yes, I just said that. Can you believe it's a love story and not a Bourne Identity type movie?! Yeah, I was surprised too. Predictable for sure, but cute. Gotta love Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.

I will leave this random post this evening with a random photo of a shoe I am currently lusting over.

And instead of purchasing these beauties we instead invested in new snow boots for Aaron and I. So practical we are. Aaron really doesn't have any and this last trip to Mammoth solidified that he really should have a pair other than his snowboard boots. And mine, well, they are just plain ugly. It didn't help that Lands' End sent me a pretty little coupon in my inbox for 30% off any item plus free shipping. Now is the time to stock up on winter gear my friends, the sales are insane! I think my kids are all outfitted for next winter barring no one decides to grow like 9 inches in a single year. Greta may need some long johns but I think that may be it. Thank goodness for baggy snowboard pants and jackets being in style.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!