Baby Desmond

These are long overdue! He is already a month and a half old! We took this somewhere between the 1-2 week mark which is pretty much your last chance for newborn photos. After 2 weeks they lose their newborn-ness, umbilical cord is fallen off, they don't quite sleep in any position you put them in, they have longer awake times, and my handy iphone sleep noise doesn't always do the trick, and some babies break out too after a few weeks so you want to avoid all the pimples and peely skin by doing it the first 2-10 days after. So we took Desmond's right in the nick of time. I am loving newborn shoots more and more. I am pretty confident in my baby soothing strategies and tempt the toughest newborns to try and challenge me! :)

I loved the interaction his big sister and brother had with him. Here's some Desmond goodness, and for a few more click on my photography blog. Oh and I've updated some of the galleries too. And my pricing page. No change in price, but I've taken off some of the packages since I have only had clients purchase discs with all the images. So no sense confusing people when they are deciding, might as well just get all the photos. :)

Oh and thank you for all your sweet comments, calls, and emails about Romeo's Birth Day Video. They made me blush. And I am so happy that you appreciated it as much as I did making it. Truly, the best video slideshow I've ever put together. At long last! DESMOND.........