weekending & breakdancing

This weekend went by too extremely fast. Greta had a playdate with friends of ours that spoil her way too much. After her tap and ballet class I dropped her off where she played at their home and then they walked to the Santa Monica Pier. Later that night after Aaron and the boys met them at the pier for some arcade games she told me all about it. She told me she did so many things for the first time. She rode the ferris wheel and she wasn't the one scared, she told us that Peter was really nervous about being high up. She also had her first taste of jello. Blue I believe it was. I think it's so cute that she has little dates with adults who love her and she doesn't have to compete with her brothers for alone time.

That night the boys all decided to go snowboarding the next day. Kind of cool that we can decide that and an hour later be at a chair lift. Aaron took the boys to Mt Baldy which is just about an hour away. They have 2 or 3 lifts, perfect for beginners. And since Sawyer decided this winter to switch over to snowboarding we thought it was a perfect opportunity to get his feet wet. Private lessons there are super reasonable compared to when we go to Mammoth. I am a firm believer in the kids taking lessons for many years to come so that they can really learn the skills well. So I think he will do one more private lesson before we head to Mammoth at the end of the month and then Sawyer will be prepared for a group lesson in Mammoth. They left at 9am and were home by 4:30 that afternoon. So easy and convenient. I think we are going to try and go up one more time as a family in a few weeks. Crossing our fingers they will get snow before we go. Greta was pretty disappointed she didn't get to have a ski class.

To get your week started here's a video that will make you smile. My kids love to watch breakdancing and ever since the Santa Monica Promenade night where they watched the street performers, they practice all the time. Happy Monday everyone! I will be posting photos of Romeo's newborn photo shoot this week and hopefully baby Desmond's as well. It's just going to be a whole lot of babies around here. Oh and my right hand has 2 fingers that are numb and every time I bend them excruciatingly painful. I have no pain anywhere else but Aaron tells me it must be a pinched nerve. Seriously? Such a bummer. Even driving hurts my hand, opening things with my keys and forget about writing a check.