Romeo's Birth Day

Instead of posting individual pics from Romeo's big day (you guys aren't tired of hearing about him yet right??!!), I decided to put together a little video/slideshow for my sister and brother in law chronicling the big day. They didn't see any of the birth/labor photos until I made this DVD for them. My sister cries every time she watches it. And most likely if you go to visit her she will have you watch it. My sister was pretty difficult about me taking photos of her in the hospital, so I snapped them when I thought she wasn't looking. I think if I could pick a career of my dreams to have it would be something extremely specific, and this would be it. A birth photographer. I think they probably have those. Could you get a more amazing job? I mean documenting the most important day in someone's life? Sharing a life altering moment with them and getting to deliver images capturing the first seconds of meeting their child? I so wish I had photos like these from one of my children's births, but that's okay. It's pretty seared in my memory. So although I can't share it with all of you, it's there, in my mind. Sometimes repressing the painful parts, okay, the VERY painful parts where I was most positively sure that I was dying. But hey, having a natural childbirth will do that to you. It will make you think you are dying. I couldn't get any photos of her pushing other than the one of her on oxygen, but I was too occupied helping lift her head and shoulders for the pushing. She was amazing and pushed for TWO hours. TWO. HOURS. I was not even aware that pushing for two hours can sometimes be normal. But Romeo had to enter the world in his own way, sunny side up, which made mama's pushing more difficult.

This day was so special. Meeting my nephew is right up there with meeting my own children. Indelible for all time in my mind. She has allowed me to share this video with all of you and I hope you like it.