love him

i sure do. can't seem to stay away more than a few hours. sorry i'm not so present in this space, but i'm trying. i just can't take the time to blog or write anything at length because i could instead be holding the little man. tonight i got to wash his hair and then gave him a little lavender oil massage before rocking him to sleep. i think he likes his zia. i am learning that i have to hold and rock him until he is past the dream sleep and in a deeper state of sleep. or else. i am learning that he prefers to be held on my shoulder with his little head nuzzled in my neck. i am learning he likes to be patted on the back and rocked simultaneously. he isn't a burper yet. and the only time he won't cry for a diaper change is if you change him when he is dead asleep or while he is nursing. i love him. i do.