mt baldy

I feel so lame, I haven't picked up my camera since I took Romeo's newborn photos. So lame. So lazy. But I been loading a lot of video from the last year and a half. Aaron talked me into getting a new computer that he's been talking about for a few months. The great thing is that it can handle all our HD videos and the firewire to import them is working, unlike our last computer where the firewire went bust a year ago. So I've gotten to relive some sweet moments like Sawyer's kindergarten graduation and Greta's tap recital, and other preschool events of Greta's. I'm just relieved it is in a second location because if something happened to the tapes, that's it. In loading all of this video I am trying to also familiarize myself with the new iMovie.

Here's my first attempt at a short, very short video. Nothing fancy. My goal was to figure out how to import clips, add audio, and title pages. That's it. Oh, and in the last minute I figured out how to fade audio.

Aaron forgot to take any video of the boys on their first visit to Mt. Baldy, and he took them again today. The conditions were fantastic since they got about 2 feet of snow just this weekend. He said it was great. And if you can believe it it took them only 45 minutes to get there today. Where else can you drive 45 minutes from the beach where it is 65 degrees to mountains where you can snowboard? The boys were signed up for lessons and thought they were going to have to do group lessons since the private ones were sold out. Low and behold it was just the two of them. So they were with one instructor and Aaron made sure he had the videocamera this time.

Gunnar usually only takes lessons in Mammoth, but we are really trying to get him to practice his toe edge and thought he would benefit from some one on one time. And it worked. He is much more comfortable with his toe edge now and hopefully he won't struggle with it in Mammoth next week during his group lesson.

The video is mostly Sawyer, but midway you see Gunnar practice a toe edge turn. Can you believe it's the second time Sawyer was on a snowboard? Love it. Love them. Greta and I held down the fort and babysat Romeo so his mama and daddy could have a date. Excuse the music, my boys are obsessed with Daft Punk, I think they think the synthesizers are cool.