Surprise Packages: not many things better than them!

The other day the kids and I walked in the door from school and there was a box in front of our door. I order a ton online so packages are always arriving. Usually filled with things from boxed water for the kids' lunches to school supplies, clothes, books, etc. The writing on this package I knew right away. Only one of my friends has writing so impeccable that she could teach a printing class with just her hands and a pen. It has been a few years since we have seen each other and we have had several weekend plans for them to stay with us, but each time we've had to put it off. Courtney and Spencer lived in New York the same time Aaron and I were dating and got married and Spencer and Aaron worked together also. We saw a lot of each other the year I lived in New York, but once we came back to Los Angeles and they stayed in New York we didn't keep in touch as well. But they have been back in California, so that has to change.

Inside the package were the most thoughtful presents that were so fun to open. The kids were beyond thrilled, there were items with their names on them and each one knew exactly the gifts for them.

She even managed to get me the measuring cups I posted about a few weeks ago that I had been eyeing. Do you see all those fun, colorful pom poms in the back that she packed in the box?? We are talking, whoopie cushion, silly putty, push pops, name stickers, I could go on.

I definitely need to get better about care packages, if I love receiving them, then I know everyone else will as well. They are so fun to open, and are fun to put together as well. Thank you again Courtney!