Raining here. And I am quite happy and cozy in my sweater laying on the couch reading. BUT, my mom came over to borrow a book and I can't find it. If I loaned The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls to you can you text me or comment here? I cannot remember for the life of me who has that book at the moment. It's such a good book, so if you haven't read it yet, check it out of the library. I'm reading the author's second novel which kinda is and kinda isn't a follow up to The Glass Castle, called Half Broke Horses. It's of her grandmother's life. SO SO good.

We were quite wimpy this morning since I went to bed convinced it would be pouring when we got up. The sun was actually shining for a few hours and this afternoon is when the rain descended. But we would never have made it out this morning in time so instead Aaron was pretty fired up to do some spring cleaning. We tackled the cabinets above the computer which house a ton of books and random notebooks, and we moved them to a library in the garage if they are books that have already been read by the kids. They will wait there until the next kid is ready for a series. Then he cleared out our art closet and I have a nice bag waiting for Goodwill or a summer garage sale. All the kids art supplies and craft items are nice and organized once again. It seems that closet needs an overhaul every 6 months with how often things are going in and out of it.

I was thrilled Thursday to pick up a stack of books that came in for me at the library. I am devouring Half Broke Horses and Aaron is reading another one and I have a third on my nightstand. I think I can get through all 3 before they are due back at the library. It's a nice variety of reads so I will let you know how they all are once I'm done. I finished Little Bee last week and cannot recommend it enough. Excellent.

Hope everyone stays dry and warm if you are in Southern California, and if you are in the east and enjoying some sunshine I'm very happy for you. I got a text from Auntie Rachel that it was 60 degrees and the sun was shining yesterday. I replied back that sadly it's 50 here and raining. But I will take the rain because it puts off a whole lot of gardening work that will need to get done in the coming weeks. If the boys stay well this weekend then they are planning to go snowboarding on Monday at Mt Baldy since they got 2 feet of snow in the last day.

Happy long weekending everyone!