what's for dinner...

I still am waiting for the boys to drop, but so far, all is good. As soon as I hit publish on this post I believe one of them will have a fever. That's always how it works here. I made another super smoothie today, minus the spinach, and minus a few strawberries, only one was ripe for picking today. But it was delish and a little less green. Still hoping it does some good for the non-sickies.

On to equally non-important news, what's for dinner? We haven't had the most balanced meals lately and I feel like this week we had to get back to good, healthy meals. The healthy smoothies definitely have helped with my guilt level on the whole nutrition thing, but I need better preparation and planning. Aaron has been doing the Trader Joe's runs and I feel like I need to really work on grocery lists and meal plans. I am going to make that a goal for March. This week we have had so far:

Sunday- Tacos

Monday- I honestly cannot tell you because I was in bed for half of the day. I believe I ate some humus and pita. Cannot tell you what everyone else had.

Tuesday- Aaron slow cooked some barbeque ribs and then grilled them for a little bit, along with green beans and brown rice.

Wednesday- I had some chicken breasts I defrosted and originally I thought I was going to marinate them in the mirin, tamari, honey marinade that everyone loves, but alas, I was not so together this morning. So then I decided to try the egg dipped in flour thing, but I should've added bread crumbs, but we didn't have any, so instead I shredded some parmesan cheese and added those to the flour. Then I baked it instead of fried to be healthier, I think frying would've been tastier. Everyone ate it but it was a bit bland. I also made some peas and mac n cheese for a side.

Tomorrow we are going to be at my parents' house for dinner, and then Friday I am not sure what I will be making. It's more of a lack of ingredients thing than time or desire. I just have to be more organized about the whole thing.

Any ideas of easy, yummy foods? I really would love a three bean type recipe, I have scoured the internet and found one that sounds promising, but I'd rather get it from someone who can vouch for it's deliciousness.

In very good news, Aaron got his braces off yesterday. He picked up his retainer today and the boy is complaining it's worse than braces! Seriously? Pull it together. I do have to say his teeth look fantastic. I am not so excited to see our balance left to pay for those teeth. His orthodontic work really wasn't factored into the whole 'we have 3 kids that will need braces' lineup. I think that should count for his anniversary present for the next decade. And I'll add straight teeth to the kids' "future possible dating candidates" list as a requirement. One down, three more to go. I'd say Gunnar is about a third done. He has his expander off and now has an upper retainer. He will get braces in a few years. Sawyer still needs to lose a whole lot more teeth before we start on him. But I'm guessing by third grade he will be ready to start. Gunnar began in second grade because he lost his teeth a little quicker. And Greta? The orthodontist already said to be prepared. She barely has room in her tiny little mouth now for all of her tiny little teeth!

Other good news, our Mammoth trip is fast approaching. The kids are anxious and excited. I am loving that we are expecting rain through the weekend which means Mammoth will be getting snow the entire time before we go.

I didn't get to see Romeo for FOUR days. Can you believe it?! First time I haven't seen him every single day since he was born. So as soon as I was feeling better I headed straight over there and held him all morning long. And I get to see him again tomorrow and every day until we leave for Mammoth.

Hope all of you are staying healthy and happy!