super smoothies

Our house has another round of yuckiness going on at the moment. Greta and I were at the doctor yesterday with respiratory infections. Thank goodness sometimes for modern medicine. It definitely has a place in our world. And when I cannot seem to curb the bug invading one of us I appreciate those little white pills all the more so. I would say within 6 hours of taking my first antibiotic pill that I felt functioning again. I haven't been sick since November when we were in Ojai, and probably before that I think I had one ear infection in 2010. So overall I guess that may be pretty good considering I am the mom of 3 kids who bring home all kinds of nastiness. So when I do take antibiotics they seem to work quickly. Greta is just snotty now and her little raspy voice is starting to sound like normal again. The two of us took naps yesterday afternoon and woke up feeling like humans again. She wasn't so keen on the nap taking idea at first. There were a lot of questions like, why are we sleeping when the sun is out? why can't you open your eyes mama? will sleep make me win the fight with the germs? Finally she ended up looking like this. I do believe now matter how big they get, their favorite nap spot remains the same.

Her nap ended up being three times as long as mine but I was kind of trapped in this position for awhile. So after responding to emails and playing a few Words with Friends games, she finally woke up. Unfortunately that meant she wasn't too keen on sleeping at her normal bedtime. I swear Aaron and I fell asleep long before she did in our bed. I remember seeing the clock at 11:28pm and knowing she was still wide awake next to me. Today fortunately we are a little better, and with the rainy weather now it's a good reason to stay home and rest some more.

I picked the boys up from school today and totally let Gunnar wimp out of trumpet lessons. I fear they will drop like flies next. We came home and I made a Super Smoothie which is my feeble attempt at warding off any further sickness but realize that if the boys are next, there isn't much I can do.

Here's my ingredients for my super smoothie, beware it's green so if your kids have an aversion to green smoothies they won't like this, but it tastes delicious, so don't let the color fool you.

1 packet of Emergen-C- berry flavored

Frozen mango- I usually plop in about 3-4 large half pieces of mango

Banana yogurt- 1 small carton size

About 1-2 tablespoons of Spirulina

Kefir- peach today but any flavor will do- about a 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup

I had some strawberries in my garden that I threw in, but any berry will help lessen the dark green color that the spirulina gives it

About 1-2 tablespoons of frozen chopped spinach

A big splash of applejuice

Blend it all up and serve with a cool straw, a chewable vitamin C and Vitamin D3 and pray that the sickies stay away from the healthy ones.