Date Night...

with my little girl. I realize I need to do more of these with each of the kids. There truly is nothing like one on one time with them. The conversations I have when it's just us, totally different, and I want more of it. Greta has been D Y I N G to go see the Justin Bieber movie since she saw the trailer a few months ago. I know, you're thinking she's only 4. I know. But have you met my daughter, she is 4 going on 14. With a personality and attitude that will rival any teenage girl. Justin Bieber is about the closest we let her come to listening to "kid" music, so I let her. In fact, his music is catchy. So I was totally game for the movie. Come on, I love singy/dancey type movies. Step It Up? For sure. 2? And 3? Of course. Fame? Uh huh. Save the Last Dance? You betcha. Tatum Channing? Duh. So there you have it. I can't resist a movie with dancing and singing.

I preordered the tickets since we were going to see it on opening day and it's a good thing we did. The theater was sold out with 10-14 year olds. And get this, two separate couples, not tween couples, but like married couples in their thirties walked in with popcorn for this show! We went on Friday and it was definitely a Greta Mama day. It was my volunteer day at her school. And if I haven't emphasized it enough in the past, we LOVE her school. It is just joy to see her at school. She loves it and EVERY SINGLE MORNING she runs down the block to get to the door as fast as she can. After my volunteer day we went to her tap/ballet class where again the girl is so happy and in her element. As soon as class ended she came running out of the studio and nearly barreled me down whispering in my ear JUSTIN BIEBER TIME JUSTIN BIEBER TIME.

We got to the theater and I couldn't wipe the smile off her face. She kept saying "I can't wait til it starts, I just can't wait". Here we are right in front of the theater, let me tell you all the teenage girls were dying over Greta being such a Bieber fan.

See what I mean about the smile? Couldn't wipe it off her face. If only I had a recorder for her commentary and questions during the movie. She was killing me. Right when the lights went down she was taken a little off guard by all the screaming and hollering girls. I cracked up when one yelled "Let's see some Biebs!" Then as the credits came she said, "This is it right mama? This is it?"

Throughout the movie here are some lines she whispered in my ear:

"Mama this is real right? Like it's real? It's him real?"

"So Mama, when am I allowed to go to his concert again?"

"I really really really wanna go to his concert? Will it be loud like that when I'm there?"

"Mama, I know who he is, does he know who I am?"

"I know I can't go to his concert until I'm 10, but then I just want to meet him okay? Not like today, but tomorrow okay?"

"Mama, you said he lives in Canada, but look he moved to America! Now we can meet him because I live in America!"

"Oh Mama, this is THE BEST SONG. EVERRRR!"

"Oh Mama this is sad, he's losing his voice? Will he be okay? You said this was real right?"

"Oh, Mama my favorite song! He's singing my favorite song!"

"Look Mama, those girls are crying because Justin Bieber is sick. He's sick I told you, so they're sad."

"Mama, I really like Justin Bieber and really really really REALLY wanna meet him okay?"

And that's just what I remember which is a fraction of what went down during the movie. That night as I was tucking her in and we were talking about our Girls Day she told me that she knows she has to be a little older to go see his concert, but will he still sing a concert when she's 10? And please would I pretty pretty please just let her meet him. Just once? Seriously, how can I say no? Well, I can because that's one wish I have absolutely no way of knowing how to grant. She will just have to remain heartstruck like all the other 8-12 year olds throughout the world.

For any of you wondering, the movie was great. Don't judge and don't hate. Not til you see it. That little boy has serious talent. And I guess I can't call him little, but he kinda still is. I had no idea his musical talent. I knew about the drums thing, but not about guitar and piano. And he sure works his tail off to get to where he wants to be. I admire that in a 16 year old, because if you haven't noticed when you look around at teens today. They don't have very much motivation. I sat there for 1 hour and 45 minutes just staring at my little girl and watching her dance and sing along and thinking oh dear lord you will be a real teenager in the blink of an eye. More date nights for the two of us are a must.