My Kids in B & W

Here’s the rest of the photos from the Ojai photo shoot they indulged me in back in November. This winter break has been extra fun. This morning Gunnar told me that this has been the best break ever. I kinda have to agree with him. Just the right balance of things to do and not do. Down time and fun time. We have been busy watching movies, so far we’ve seen Chipwrecked, Adventures of Tin Tin and We Bought a Zoo. We’ve been sleeping in and staying up late. We’ve had sleepovers and playdates. We’ve gone Go Kart racing and miniature golfing. We’ve seen our best friends extra. We’ve baked a lot. Entertained our friends with a chili and cornbread night. Played at the park. Visited the library. We’ve had our teeth cleaned. Had a couple days of winter camp at the rec center. Done lots of organizing and crafting. Shopped maybe just a little too much. And still on the agenda? 10 year check up. Ballet. Another playdate. Golf day with Papa. Special mama/Sawyer date. Straight hair for mama (seems long overdue if you ask me). And road trip!