I must post a disclaimer before you read the following conversation, we don’t use vocabulary like this in our home so I am confused where he got it from. But he does attend school with 471 other children. So there, I said it.

After school it was a rare day where my car was quite light. I only had Sawyer in the backseat, and was driving a friend of his home. The friend had just checked out a book on the human body from the school library. The boys were in the backseat talking. I like to listen when they are talking to their friends, and this particular day it was quite rewarding to listen to what goes on in their brains and then what comes out of their mouths.

Friend: Look at my new library book, it’s all about the human body.

Me: Careful boys, I don’t want anyone getting carsick reading in the car.

Sawyer: We won’t. Just flip to any page, it doesn’t matter and we’ll look at the pictures!

Friend: Oh here, this is something about the digestive system I think.

Sawyer: Yeah cool! Do you where your pee comes from?

Friend: I think so. I mean I don’t know. Maybe.

Sawyer: Well when you drink water, or soda, or any liquid, it goes into your mouth and down your throat and through your body and into your balls, and then your balls squeeze it back up. That’s where your pee comes from.

Friend: Really? Whoa. Your balls squeeze it up?

Sawyer: Yeah, turn the page. Where’s the boobs?