homemade prezzies

Last year I was quite adventurous and made homemade peppermint bark, which was unbelievable but time consuming. But with only 2 days to go before winter break, and 3 kids’ classroom parties to volunteer in, I was crunched for time. So I simplified the bark making process and did only 1 layer, and did two options for toppings. One was classic peppermint, the other was crushed almonds and sea salt. The process was super super simple. We’re talking 30 minutes tops for the whole thing. I was inspired by this easy tutorial(she has such great ideas for gifts and packaging and parties), but since I didn’t have pistachios on hand, I decided to experiment a little. I ended up using some leftover mason jars as containers, and labeled with what I had on hand. I’m telling you this was time crunch people! I used card stock, a hole puncher and some washi tape. This little batch filled 7 mason jars worth. I passed them out to clients I had that day and some staff at the kids’ school. The one thing I would change is use chunkier salt. Probably the rock/Himalayan salt and crush it myself. The salt I used just wasn’t big enough. But everyone loved it, so I say that’s a success.