Instagram week 3























































































































































1. “mama, this is how french girls dress, so I’m going to wear this today” 2. besties day 3. for both of us 4. family dinner, no one wanted to cook 5. chow time 6. dentist office cleanings, for all 3 7. pressies i bought for myself 8. a game involving my 3 kids, a few shields and swords and an unsuspecting squirrel 9. twins 10. new poncho 11. movie time 12. daddy supplied crafting goodness for winter break 13. clients finished product from our photo shoot 14. kids’ annual art books 15. madewell, i could live in the store 16. first goal met, organized art closet 17. more daddy presents  of crafting goodness for the kids 18. finished craft “butterfly tiara” 19. first day of winter camp 20. december 23rd and 1 postal employee?? 21. gathering our mammoth gear together 22. anthropologie finds, thank you 50% off 23. chili supplies 24. friday dinner 25. along with a banana, blueberry and kale smoothie 26. romeo’s blog post 27. second goal met-organized sewing space 28. quite the face to wake up to on a saturday morning at 8am for babysitting 29. beautiful day in the palisades 30. my exercise buddy even if he did last only 10 minutes 31. saturday afternoon nap, he sure loves his uncle 32. dinner party with a red velvet cake 33. the girls partying it up 34. chili cooking begins 35. a sweet present to wake up to on a sunday morning 36. flower table settings for our chili night with friends 37. they’re getting longerrrr 38. chili fixings 39. a little MJ dance wii to complete the week