week 2 instagram

I’m going to try to keep up with posting my Instagrams once a week while I take a break from this space. Instagram is like my little secret network. I absolutely love sharing my day with a small percentage compared with Facebook. When I do return to this space I have catching up to do. With things like homemade staff presents for our favorite people at the kids’ school, more Ojai photos, Romeo’s 10 month shoot, and other goodness. For now, my week in review.

1.  1.location for my last photo shoot 2. rainy day activity for a girly with a cold 3. he’s messy 4. dinner 5. new mousepad thanks to a school art fundraiser 6. thighs post pure barre 7. he was mesmerized at his cousin’s winter concert 8. party city line, what was i thinking?? 9. baking for one class party 10. and another 11. legos end up everywhere 12. decided to grow my bangs out 13. kindergarten gingerbread goodness 14. some lunch dates i need nothing else 15. last day of school celebration at yogurtland 16. snowflake crafting with the kids 17. decorating with our snowflakes 18. and some more 19. day one assembly handsomeness 20. modcloth dress ecstasy 21. day two handsomeness 22. family photo