signing off early

Hope you all have  a great weekend and some time off if that’s in the cards for you. Kids had their winter concert yesterday, celebrations today, and last day of school tomorrow. I am signing off to spend some time with them in their classrooms, and nursing Gunnar back to health. Poor kids isn’t feeling so hot, here’s hoping he makes it to his last day of school. Since December started there has only been 2 days where not one of my kids have either been home with me, been picked up early, or gone to school late. I don’t think I have looked forward to winter break so much in my life. I don’t mind kids home or kids at school, I can’t handle some kids here and others there, and figuring out how to get kids to and from school with a sick kid at home. I hate packing lunches for some and still making lunch for others. So I am looking forward to having all my babes home with me all at the same time, with nothing to pack, nowhere to be, and no germs to have to worry about making their way from other kids and classrooms into my home. I am looking forward to not sending out emails to classes and grades, volunteer reminders, and prepping art lessons. I think I am just as excited as the kids for the break from school. We plan on doing some baking, going to lots of movies, enjoying a day here and there (very minimally) of camp so mama can actually see clients, taking our annual ski/snowboard trip, hanging out with our friends, reading, staying warm because Los Angeles is freezing right now, and attempting to sleep in.

See you sometime in the next couple weeks!