bits & pieces of our weekend

1. sometimes you need to give someone a gift for no reason at all, just because.

2. Bananagrams with Greta.

3. Bananagrams with the boys too because they can’t resist a game.

4. A card from one brother to another, expressing his apologies for the tonsillitis one brother was recovering from.

5. An afternoon project all 3 kids decided to do together. Still not sure exactly what the project was but it involved making books out of paper and staples and lots of drawings.

6. During said project (#5) an afternoon nap and reading time for the adults.

7. Sunday morning ritual of making something with daddy, this particular morning it was sugar cookies from a set of Hello Kitty cookie cutters that Peter and Heather gifted Greta.

8. Dinner with my girl and my parents at The Lobster.

9. Evening fires because it’s that cold.