Aaron can be quite stealthy. The other night I was downstairs with the boys and he went upstairs to start Greta’s bath. A few minutes he came downstairs and asked if I’d go watch her for a minute. I walked upstairs and sat by her tub and we chatted. When Aaron returned he told me to go put my pajamas on. Yes sir. Geez. Bossy. I walk into my room and could smell the candles burning. He had also drawn me a bath and laid out ice cold water and my pajamas next to the tub.

About 20 minutes later Greta comes waltzing into my bathroom in her towel, and wants to know what I’m doing. She surveys the area and the following conversation ensues:

Greta: Mama. Who did this for you? Did daddy do this?

Me: Yes.

Greta: Why don’t I have candles next to my bathtub?

Me: Because it’s fire and it can be dangerous if you are a kid.

Greta: Mama.

Me: Yes?? (closing my eyes and laying my head back in the tub)

Greta: Will my husband do this for me when I get married?

Me: I sure hope so.

Greta: Why?

Me: Because it’s a way that he can show you he loves you.

Greta: Well, how can I know if he will give a bath to me?

Me: Well, you can make sure you marry a really nice guy.

Greta: One who doesn’t break the rules?

Me: No, there’s no rules about baths for wives.

Greta: No, but he won’t break the rule about having other girlfriends.

Me: Ahh, yes. You better make sure that you marry someone who only has one wife, you.

Greta: Right, there’s no way I’ll marry a boyfriend who has other girlfriends.

Me: Good idea.

Greta: Mama?

Me: Hmm?

Greta: When I know which boyfriend I am going to marry, can you tell him to do this for me without me knowing?

Me: Yes, I can try and do that.

Greta: Will you promise to remember?

Me: Yes, I promise.

Aaron (yelling from the bedroom): STOP TALKING ABOUT BOYFRIENDS AND MARRIAGE!!!!!