ojai time of year

It was that time of year again last week, where my family travels to Ojai for some R&R and family time. The light this time of year is gorgeous. I know I say this no matter what time of year we go, even when we travel there in the summertime, but there’s something about fall there. The colors of the leaves, the bike paths, the mountains with snow on their tops. Just breathtaking. The sweaters we bundle up in at night time. Although this year we had an unusually warm day where we even got to break out our swimsuits which I pack always ‘just in case’. Because the one year we thought there’s no way we would swim, we had to buy swimsuits. We rode our bikes, visited the Santa Barbara Zoo, convinced my kids to indulge me in a photo shoot, shot Romeo’s 10 month photos, read two books, enjoyed massages at the spa, ate delicious food, I could go on. But you get the point. I will do posts here and there with our highlights. Here’s some of the scenery that I can’t get over when we are there.