television and npr

Aaron and I don’t watch a ton of television, but whatever we do watch we do it together. Even if Aaron isn’t so thrilled with my choice he will still sit next to me on the couch and read until the program(aka Real Housewives of New York) is over. But other shows we thoroughly enjoy together. Project Runway. I was a little surprise at Anya’s win, but Aaron was gunning for her the whole time. I think it may have to do more with the clothes Anya wears than the clothes Anya makes. ;)

The TV is usually not turned on during school nights for the kids. And on the weekends they’d rather use their screen time for Wii or computer games, so the kids don’t watch any real TV series. But this weekend I decided to finally watch the pilot episode of Terra Nova, and since my mom loves that show she assured me the kids would enjoy it. So we all sat down to watch it, and no joke, the kids are obsessed. It took some explaining that this wasn’t a movie, but a series. They didn’t understand right away that you have to watch the first episode and then the second, you can’t jump around, that way you know what happened in the right order. Needless to say, they get the concept. Greta did cover her eyes for half of the first episode and I probably wouldn’t recommend it for normal 5 year old girls who do not have 2 older brothers. But I have to say it’s pretty enjoyable. We watched the first 2 episodes and Aaron is downloading the rest. I forgot to set my DVR to record them all, whoops.

The show Aaron and I recently discovered is Friday Night Lights. Um, hello! Where have we been !? Amazing! I must’ve had a newborn or something when the show first aired. We are devouring the first season, probably will finish it off this weekend. Can. Not. Wait. To. Watch. It. All. It did take some convincing for Aaron to watch it since it takes place in Texas and he’s kind of anti-Texas. But he’s sold on it now.

I have tried to like Pan Am, but not happening. I cannot watch that show without being distracted by the era. After being a devout Madman fan, I can’t help but judge other shows that try to film an era without the care for details and research of what’s accurate. For instance, have you noticed that NO ONE smokes on Pan Am?! I mean come on, everyone and their mother used to smoke during that time. And their need to make everything so politically correct to be a show on primetime. Women were not treated that well people. Anyways, I’m afraid I’ve had to give up on that one.

Other shows we have really enjoyed? Suits. 30 Rock. House Hunters (I cannot watch an episode and NOT find out which house they pick). I’m drawing a blank here but I’m sure there are one or two more that I’m missing. But see, not a whole lot of TV watching over here.

A few months back Aaron got me hooked on NPR. And now he keeps my iPhone stocked with my favorite podcasts. I cannot go to Costco without plugging my headphones in and enjoying This American Life. My other favorite podcasts? Being by Krista Tippett. Dinner Party Download. And then I usually end up in my car driving around for part of Air Talk. I haven’t seen Aaron this happy in a long time since he discovered my love for his podcasts. I do however have boundaries. I will not listen to his tech podcasts. I have my limits people. If you have any MUST listen to podcasts, please let me know.