a really good surprise

I am a difficult person to surprise. It has to do with the control thing and scheduling aspect of my life. But Aaron managed to pull it off despite the obstacles in front of him. Apparently he had been planning a surprise getaway for the two of us for about a month. I was told to pack my overnight bag, and nothing more. I wasn’t even allowed to know which freeway we were getting on until he instructed me which lane to get in. It was wonderful and man did he put a lot of thought into these two days. He had the kids already worked out to stay at my mom’s. He gave me a list of what I needed to pack. He even took charge and packed my book and Holga camera and film. We stopped for lunch in Santa Barbara on the way up and he had the restaurant all picked out. Then we ended up at an amazing inn in Paso Robles. We had never been to this town before so it was great to discover some place new together. They served an amazing breakfast with all local and organic ingredients, even the eggs were from the next door neighbor. The rooms were perfect, and the bedding and textiles blew me away. Everything was by John Robshaw, and Aaron knows he is my all time favorite textile designer. I chose his bedding when we redid Greta’s room. I took very few photos because well, when you are in the moment it kind of ruins it to pull out my big camera and start snapping away. I did take a couple, and some iPhone photos, and I made a very (very) short little video of our adventure with my phone. But we ate like kings(Aaron had dinner reservations here and I highly recommend their grass fed flat iron steak), we slept, we read, we napped, we drank coffee as we walked around town, it was glorious. A very short 30 hours, but just what we needed. He is oh so good to me.

song: White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes