more books

With the evenings getting cooler finally, we are spending less time outside during and after dinner. Which gives us more time to read. I can’t leave the library now without a stack of books between the 3 kids and myself.

I finished Room in a few days, and seriously, unlike anything I have ever read. I highly recommend. I told my pilates instructor about it and she too read it in 2 days and said the same thing. I didn’t read the back, I didn’t read reviews, and I’m so glad because I wanted to discover it as I read. My instructor said she checked it out of the library and had no wait time, so go. Check it out. I borrowed it from our book swap awhile ago.

Gunnar is reading the Maze Runner trilogy. He’s on the second book and we are both waiting for the third and final book to be released this month. We’ll see who gets to read it first, it’ll all depend on where we are on our other novels.

Sawyer is really enjoying this Miss Child series, apparently there are a ton, he’s on his second at the moment. Reading is one of his favorite things to do, but unfortunately homework is no joke this year. Some nights he has more than Gunnar. But he has been such a trooper about it. He even hasn’t complained that I’m having him do the extra credit each night. Well, he’s complained a little. But only, “mama, I know you’re going to make me do the extra credit”. It was kind of like he surrendered before the fight started. He has extra math too because, well, he needs it. When you are good at something what happens is you get more work I guess. So to keep him un-bored he’s gotta be challenged. I’m just happy for him that today is Friday and that means no homework (well, except for his extra credit :) )

Greta discovered this fairy series at the library, and she’s insistent that if the boys get read to aloud, then she should pick her own chapter book and be read to as well. Sadly, they are torturous to read. Aaron and I cannot stand them, but she has been insistent. I skirted around this recently by picking a book that I think all three of them would enjoy listening to. But I made sure not to tell the kids what it was about until we started it. I knew if the boys found out it was about a girl turning into a mermaid when she hit water, it would be a no go. But it’s really suspenseful and well written so after chapter 1 they didn’t want me to stop. So finally all THREE of them are listening to the same book at night time and the fairy series that I really don’t like so much is being held off a little longer.

Any suggestions for books? For me? My kids? I am thinking another book swap will have to be arranged for December. By then we may be all out.