BLT- girls night out

It was quite the low key GNO a few weekends ago. Aaron was working on his crazy UCLA weekend, and my dad so graciously offered to take the boys to the USC game. Alone. By himself. With my two boys. Did I mention he volunteered this?! So it left my mom and Greta and myself for a GNO. In the car that morning Greta was brainstorming her plans.

Greta: Mama.

Me: yes.

Greta: I think we should go to Barnes and Noble and then out for a fancy dinner since we don’t have the boys.

Me: sounds like a plan to me.

And that’s what we did. After talking her Nanni not only into a trip to Barnes & Noble, but also to Claire’s. Oy vey. We headed to my most favorite LA restaurant. BLT Steak. Greta was beyond excited to be enjoying this experience before her brothers have.

Photos taken with my iPhone

Can you die with the lime in her pellegrino and the napkin on her lap?

This menu evoked quite a few questions. Suffice it to say I don’t see her going vegetarian anytime soon.

My brave girl even tried the foie gras. I even mentioned that it’s liver, but she didn’t bat an eye.

And no fancy dinner is complete without a fancy dessert.